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Latest Media Releases

Completed Sale/Lease Transactions (September 13th-September 17th, 2021)

    SALE    Ventana Canyon Investments, LLC,purchased 5,832 square feet of multifamily spacelocatedat 3449, 3471,3473 N. Geronimo Ave.and350 E. Yavapai Tucson. Brick Homes ofGeronimo, a 12-unit apartment complex, was purchasedfrom BRInc Financial, LLC,for $1,070,000.AllanMendelsberg,Principal, and Conrad Martinez,Multifamily Specialistswith Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR, represented both parties in this transaction.   Biggan properties, LLC purchased […]

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Completed Sale/Lease Transactions (September 7th-September 10th, 2021)

    SALE     North Santa Rosa, LLC purchased 9,152 square feet of multifamily space located at 1623-1641 N. Santa Rosa Ave. in Tucson.   Santa Rosa Apartments, an 8-unit complex, was purchased from BRInc Financial, LLC for $1,070,000.  Allan Mendelsberg, Principal, and Conrad Martinez, Multifamily Specialists with Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR, represented both parties in this transaction.     Steve […]

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Completed Sale/Lease Transactions (August 30th-September 3rd, 2021)

    SALE     Steve Freeman and Laura Freeman purchased 15,330 square feet of multifamily space located at 1841-1883 S. San Jose Dr., 1640-1672 W. San Juan Trail and 1880-1884 S. San Antonio Dr. in Tucson.  Sentinel Villas, a 21-unit apartment complex, was purchased from Sentinel Villas, LLC for $1,840,000.  Allan Mendelsberg, Principal, and Conrad Martinez, Multifamily Specialists with Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR, represented the buyer in this transaction. Timothy […]

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